This is me holding an International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) chart

Hi, my name is Niaw, a 30-year old East Asian language and communication enthusiast from rainy Philippines. I am natively bilingual and tend to code switch between English and Tagalog extensively. I work for a Hong Kong-based IT company by day and also run a production company that I co-founded.

My Language Adventures

When I was nine years old, I asked my Dad to buy me some audio books and a dictionary in order to learn French. After about a year of study, I stopped, so I’ve forgotten most of what I’ve learned.

Back in 2010, I heard a Chinese (Mandarin) song while with some friends in a karaoke bar. I fell in love with the language and started learning it on my own. I then took a summer course in Dalian, China in 2011. After getting back to my country, I continued my studies at the Ateneo Confucius Institute, going through Intermediate three through six. In 2013, I took a basic Korean language course at the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines. Recently, I’ve started learning Hiragana just to vary things a bit. Since I often go to Hong Kong as part of my work, I managed to pick up a smattering of Cantonese too.


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